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Alphabet Super-Pack


The Alphabet Super Pack is a super-duper value pack that includes 87 file folder games and two books. There are 78 letter identification, sorting, matching and pre-reading file folder games (3 games for each letter of the alphabet), 9 popcorn or sight words file folder games and two popcorn words books.

File Folder Games Included Are:  A is for Alligator Letter Sort, A Words Match and Spell "Alligators" File Folder Game, B is for Bear Letter Sort, B Words Match, and Spell "Brown Bears" File Folder Game, C is for Cat Letter Sort, C Words Match and Spell "Cutesy Cat" File Folder Game, D is for Dog Letter Sort, D Words Match, and Spell "Dainty Dogs" File Folder Game, E is for Elephant Letter Sort, E Words Match and Spell "Elephants" File Folder Game, F is for Frog Letter Sort, F Words Match and Spell "Funny Frogs" File Folder Game, G is for Girl Letter Sort, G Words Match, and Spell "Girly Girls" File Folder Game, H is for Horse Letter Sort, H Words Match and Spell "Happy Horse" File Folder Game, I is for Ice Cream Letter Sort, I Words Match and Spell "Ice Cream" File Folder Game, J is for Jar Letter Sort, J Words Match and Spell "Jars of Jams" File Folder Game, K is for Kangaroo Letter Sort, K Words Match, and Spell "Kids Do Kick" (Soccer-themed) File Folder Game, L is for Lion Sort, L Words Match and Spell "Ladybug Leg" File Folder Game, M is for Monkey Sort, M Words Match and Spell "Mouse Munch" File Folder Game, N is for Nut Sort, N Words Match and Spell "Number Nine" File Folder Game, O is for Octopus Sort, O Words Match, and Spell "Odd Octopus" File Folder Game, P is for Puppy Sort, P Words Match and Spell "Perfect Pig" File Folder Game, Q is for Queen Sort, Q Words Match and Spell "Quiet Queen" File Folder Game, R is for Raccoon, R Words Match and Spell "Racoons Run" File Folder Game, T is for Tiger Sort, T Words Match, Spell "Toucan Tail" File Folder Game, U is for Umbrella Sort, U Words Match, Spell Umbrella Up File Folder Game, V is for Valentine Sort, V Words Match, and Spell "Valentines" File Folder Game, W is for Walrus Sort, W Words Match, and Spell "Watermelon" File Folder Game, X is for Xylophone Sort, Ends With X Words Match, and Spell "Yellow Yarn" File Folder Game, Z is for Zebra Sort, Z Words Match and Spell "Zany Zebra" File Folder Game.

Also Included are two complete Popcorn Words Sets.  These include two books for teaching popcorn words and file folder games for the complete list of pre-primer and primer Dolch Words.

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