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"Keeping My Cool" Social Story Unit


This Social Story Unit, "Keeping My Cool," teaches students strategies for "keeping their cool," at school.  This unit includes:  1 interactive adapted book, 1 Sorting Activity, 1 Matching Activity, 1 Set of Think and Chat Cards, and 1 Set of "Keeping My Cool" Coloring Pages.

This unit works well as a small group activity and especially with social skills groups because the activities are designed to foster conversations about "keeping our cool," at school.

The adapted book provides a fun and interactive way for students of all abilities to participate in learning strategies for staying calm.

Sample Text:

"When I'm mad, my face turns red
 and angry thoughts are in my head.
 I want to scream and yell and shout,
 and get those angry feelings out.
 I want to kick and hit and throw,
 and say mean things to kids I know.
 I want to push and shove and fight,
 and do things that are not polite.
 But I won't....

 I'll take deep breaths,
 count down from ten.
 I'll write my feelings down again......."

After the teacher or therapist has read the book with students, students can complete the sorting and matching activities to discuss them as a group.

There is also a set of "Think and Chat Cards," that are designed to foster discussion.  For example one card reads,

"Think of a time when you saw somebody throw a tantrum.  What did it look like?  What could they do instead?"

Another card reads:

"Think of a time when your friend pushed you.  How did it make you feel.  What could they do instead?"

In addition to the above activities, there are 10 "Keeping My Cool" coloring pages.  Each page illustrates a good strategy for "keeping cool," along with a rhyme.

For example:

"When anger creeps into my head,
  I can take deep breaths instead."


"When anger creeps into my head,
 I can take a walk instead."

If your students enjoy and benefit from these activities, there are many more adapted books in my collection.  Please see the complete adapted book collection below.

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