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Cookie Sheet Activities Bundle: Cookie Sheet Crazy


Cookie Sheet Activities

This Cookie Sheet Activities Bundle, "Cookie Sheet Crazy," includes 136 unique cookie sheet activities and tasks.

Cookie Sheet Activities are hands-on, visually structured activities that give students hands-on opportunities to practice basic skills such as, matching, sequencing, sorting, patterning and labeling.  They focus on a variety of concepts including beginning phonics skills, number identification and number words, number sequencing, completing patterns, color identification, positional concepts and quantitative concepts. These activities can be used in literacy and math centers, independent workstations, and for one on one teaching.

Cookie Sheet Activities Included:
Apple Theme Set 1: (6)
Apples: Tops and Bottoms Sort
Apples: Halves and Wholes Sort
Apple Trees:  Tall and Short Sort
Label the Apple (w/worksheet)
What Comes From an Apple Sort?
Apple Vocabulary Cards (Bonus)
Apple Theme Set 2: (7)
Five Little Apples Cookie Sheet Song
Ten Apples On Top Number Sequencing
Apple Number Sequence 
Apple Color Sort
Apple Shapes Sort
Two Bonus Clothespin Tasks:
Adding Up Apples
Subtracting Apples
Ocean Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
Mammal or Fish Sort
Land Animal or Ocean Animal Sort
In or Out of the Ocean Sort
In Front or Behind the Seaweed Sort
Left or Right of the Seashell Sort
Build an Ocean Scene
Pumpkin Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Label the Parts of a Pumpkin
Pumpkin Number Sequence
Pumpkins:  On/Off Sort
Pumpkins:  In Front/Behind Sort
Pumpkins: Beside/Between Sort
Pumpkins:  Big/Little Sort
Pumpkins:  Same/Different Sort
Silly Pumpkin Faces Match
Camping Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
Inside/Outside of the Tent Sort
First/Second Camper Sort
One/All S’mores Sort
Build a Camping Scene
He/She Camper Sort
Camping Vocabulary Cards (Bonus)
Summer Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
Summer or Winter Season Sort
Summer/Winter Clothing Sort
Summer Boys/Girls Sort
Hot/Cold Sort
Build a Summer Scene
Summer Vocabulary Cards (Bonus)
Snowmen Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Label the Parts of a Snowman
Snowmen: On/Off Sort
Snowmen: In Front/Behind Sort
Snowmen:  Above/Below Sort
Snowmen:  Big/Little Sort
Snowmen:  Taller/Shorter Sort
Snowmen:  Similar and Different Sort
Silly Snowmen Match-Up
Farm Cookie Sheet Activities: (5)
Build a Farm Scene 
Farm:  Mamas and Babies Sort I
Farm:  Mamas and Babies Sort II
Farm:  Mamas and Babies Match Up
Farm:  Mammals and Birds Sort
Picnic Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (5)
Heavy/Light Picnic Baskets Sort
Same/Different Picnic Baskets Sort
In/Out of the Picnic Basket Sort
Right Side Up/ Upside Down Picnic Basket Sort
Next to/Beneath the Picnic Basket Sort
Fall Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
5 Little Leaves Cookie Sheet Song
Fall Leaves Number Sequence
Acorn Counting: Nuts and Tops Match Up
Silly Leaves Match-Up
Build a Scarecrow
Build a Fall Tree Color Words Match
Beach Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
First/Last Seashell Sort
Up/Down Seagull Sort
Wet/Dry Beach Objects Sort
Beside/Between Seaweed Sort
Top/Bottom Beach Objects Sort
Beach Vocabulary Cards (Bonus)
Spring Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Tall/Short Flowers Sort
Springtime Opposites Match Up
Creating Flower Patterns
Does it Grow Cookie Sheet Activity
Does it Grow in a Garden Cookie Sheet Activity
Looks Like Spring/Looks Like Winter Sort
Label the Butterfly
Label the Plant
Sorting St. Patricks Day Cookie Sheet Activities: (5)
Under/Over Clovers Sort
Beside/Between the Clovers Sort
In Front of/Behind the Clovers Sort
Big/Little Clovers Sort
Clovers Colors Sort: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green
Earth Day Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (5)
Recycle or Compost Sort
Reduce or Recycle Sort
Recycle Bin Sort
Earth Day Friends Sequence
Earth Day Numbers Sequence
Valentines Day Cookie Sheet Activity: (7)
Valentines Day Beginning Sounds Cookie Sheet Activity
Label the Love Bug
Heart Color Words Match Up
Big/Little Love Bugs Sort
Inside/Outside the Jar Sort
Top/Bottom Love Bugs Sort
In Front of/Behind the Love Bugs Sort
Bunny Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Bunny Ending Sounds 
Which Number Comes First?
Which Number Comes Last?
Easter Egg Patterns
More/Less Sort
Label the Bunny
Bunny Rhyme Time Match Up
Bunny Opposites Match Up
Easter Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (5)
Above/Below the Easter Bunny
Few/Many Easter Eggs Sort
Sorting Eggs by Pattern
Easter Eggs Sequencing
Counting Up, Easter Eggs Number Sequence
St. Patricks Day Cookie Sheet Activities: (7)
Big/Little Leprechauns Sort
Clover Opposites Match Up
Creating Clover Patterns
Label the Leprechaun
St. Patricks Day Ending Sounds
Clover Number Words Match Up
Clover Color Words Match Up
Halloween Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Halloween Beginning Sounds
Halloween Ending Sounds
Halloween Rhyming Words
Halloween: First/Last Sort
Halloween:  Full/Empty Sort
Halloween:  Tall/Short Sort
Halloween:  Same/Different Sort
Monster Match Up
Turkey/Thanksgiving Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (8)
Label the Parts of a Turkey
Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds Match Up
Thanksgiving Ending Sounds Match Up
Turkeys:  In/Out Sort
Turkeys: Left/Right Sort
Turkeys: Big/Little Sort
Turkeys: Few/Many Sort
Totally Turkeys Match Up
Gingerbread Themed Cookie Sheet Activities: (6)
Taller/Shorter Gingerbread People Sort
Boys/Girls Gingerbread People Sort
In Front/Behind the Gingerbread Man Sort
Gingerbread Story Syllable Sort
Sequencing the Gingerbread Man Story
Label the Parts of a Gingerbread Man

To see many of these cookie sheet activities assembled and in action, click here:

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