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Yes or No Questions Set (w/Real Photos)


This Yes or No Questions Set provides students with lots of practice on answering yes or no questions and includes real photos.
It was created with built-in flexibility to make differentiation easy and allows you to meet each student where he/she is at.

Included in the set are:

100 Yes/No Photo Cards--that include many functional and familiar objects such as: foods, clothing, common household objects, hygiene items, people displaying different emotions and expressions, and familiar animals.

Yes/No Mats for answering

Yes/Know Paddles for answering

There are no questions included in this set so that you can ask just the questions you need. This is what makes the set so versatile! It allows you to differentiate for each student within a small group, and allows you to increase/decrease the difficulty of yes/no questions as each student needs.

If you present the milk picture card, you could ask:

Level 1: Is it milk? (Basic Identification)
Level 2: Is it white? (Color)
Level 3: Is it liquid? (Category)
Does it have bubbles? (Feature)
It it something we drink? (Function)

Of course, you'll have to ask "No" questions too! They may look like this:

Level 1: Is it lemonade? (Basic Identification)
Level 2: Is it blue? (Color)
Is it a tool? (Category)
Does it have horns? (Feature)
Do we ride on it? (Function)

You get the idea!

There are also multiple ways students may answer. Verbal students can answer verbally. Non-verbal students may indicate their answers by pointing to the "Yes/No" on the picture card, by using a "Yes/No" mat, or by using "Yes/No" paddles. You can switch it up from time to time to increase novelty and to help with generalization of the skill. It's really up to you and your students!

If your students benefit from working with real photos, there are many activities in my collection that include them. You can find them at the links below:

Functional Vocabulary Work

Activities With Real Photos

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