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Sensory Bin Activities: Feed Ginger


These Feed Ginger Activities are a GREAT addition to your gingerbread man or  Christmas themed sensory bins!

There are so many ways to use this Feed Ginger Set. I have
left it very open ended so that you can target the skills you
need to target in a small group setting.

I have also included instruction cards for each set so that you can set the activity up as an independent center, and/or sensory bin activity.

In the colors/sizes and numbers set, you can have students
feed Ginger gumdrops  by color, by size, or by number. You can also vary
The level of difficulty according to your students needs.

For example: You can say....

"Feed Ginger 1 pink gumdrop."
"Feed Ginger 2 purple gumdrops."
"Feed Ginger 1 large gumdrop."
"Feed Ginger 1 large green gumdrop and 1 small blue gumdrop
"Feed Ginger a gumdrop with the number 3 on it
"Feed Ginger the gumdrops in number order."

There are also instruction cards to set up the activity as an independent center or sensory bin activity. You can put all of the gumdrops in your sensory bin and post 1 (or more) instruction cards for students to complete.

The rhyming words set works similarly. You can do almost anything with them in a small group setting.

You can work on rhyming words:
"Feed Ginger  something that rhymes with "fog."

You can work on beginning /middle/ending sounds.

Feed Ginger something that starts with the "d" sound."
Feed Ginger something that has the "o" sound in the middle of the word."
Feed Ginger something that ends with the "g" sound."'

You can work on language concepts. (feature/class/function)

"Feed Ginger something that ride in."
"Feed Ginger an animal."
"Feed Ginger something that we clean with."
The possibilities are basically endless! 

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