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What in the World is a Clothespin Task?

Clothespin tasks or “clothespin activities,” are another hands-on way that your students can practice basic skills.

Why are they useful?

Clothespin tasks are: very simple to make, require little to no assembly, can be used over and over, are easily stored, and best of all—students love them!

How do they work?

Simply print the complete file on card stock and laminate each page. Cut apart each individual card. Place them in a ziplock bag, along with enough clothespins to complete the activity. Teach your student how to do the task first and then let your student complete it independently.

What do they look like?

Clothespin tasks can look differently depending on the skill that they target.  Here are a couple examples:

*Beginning Sounds Clothespin Task:  Students attach one clothespin to each card to identify the correct beginning sound of the picture shown.

Students attach one clothespin to each card.

*Number Words Clothespin Task:  Students attach the number of clothespins to each card that the number on the card reads. (i.e.  For the number “five,” students attach five clothespins to that card.)

Students attach several clothespins to each card.

Students attach one clothespin to match objects to colors

Where can I get them?

We hope to add a huge collection of  downloadable clothespin tasks to File Folder Heaven. You can start your classroom collection with this free one!

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