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The "Taskapalooza" Task Package


 The "Taskapalooza" Task Package contains over 150 printable tasks including Autism tasks, clothespin tasks and cookie sheet activities. Sold individually, this package is valued at $150, but can be purchased as a package here for a third of the price.

Tasks Included Are:

35 Autism Tasks- Apple Colors Sort, Arctic Animals Sort, Bat Letters Sort, Beachy Frog Sort, Beautiful Bouquets Sort, Brilliant Butterflies Sort, Candy Hearts Sort, Christmas Light Colors Sort, Christmas Ornament Sort, Christmas Sort, Colored Eggs Sort, Colorful Clovers Sort, Colored Shapes Sort, Easter Cookie Sort, Easter Peeps Sort, Fall Leaves Sort, Fall Owls Sort, Fancy Fish Sort, Farm Animals Sort, Forest Animals Sort, Four Coins Sort, Frog Colors Sort, Halloween Candy Sort, Halloween Sort, Ice Cream Scoops Sort, Letter Sort, Mice Color Sort, Similar Snowflakes Sort, St. Patty's Day Sort, Totally Tulips Sort, Valentines Day Cookies Sort and Volleyball Colors Sort.

50 Cookie Sheet Tasks:  Boo Buddies Color Sort, Butterfly Numbers, Cactus Numbers Sequence, Candy Corn Color Sort, Christmas: Which Letters Come Next, Christmas Light Colors, Christmas: Which Numbers Come Next, Christmas Tree Color Sort, Clovers Color Sort, Clover Numbers, Colorful Crayons, Cones/Spheres Sort, Count by 5's Snowmen, Count by 2's Polar Bears, Cowboy Hat Shapes, Cubes/Cylinders Sort, Dress Santa, Easter Egg Color Dots Match, Easter Egg Color Sort, Feels Good/Feels Bad Emotions Sort, Geometric Shapes Sort, Ghost Shapes Sequence, What Goes Together I, What Goes Together II, What Goes Together III, What Goes Together IV,  What Goes Together V, What Goes Together VI, Green and Yellow Crayons Sort, Little Peepers Color Sort, Make the Amount I (Coins), Make the Amount II, Make the Amount III, Marshmallow Letters Sequence, Opposites I, Opposites II, Pumpkins: Which Letters Come Next, Purple and Blue Crayons Sort, Pyramids/Prisms Sort, Geometric Shapes Sort, Red and Orange Crayon Sort, Sorting Coins, Starfish Colors Sort, What Starts the Same, Who Does the Same Job I, and Who Does the Same Job II

65 Clothespin Tasks:  Adding Up Apples, Adding Up Pumpkins, Adding Up Snowflakes, Apple Addition, Apple Letters, Arctic Animals Ending Sounds, Back to School Ending Sounds, Baseball Letters, Bat Numbers, Beach Letters, Beach Numbers Match Up, Busy Bee Letters, Camouflage Capital Letters, Camouflage Lowercase Letters, Camouflage Number Match Up, Camping Beginning Sounds, Camping Counting, Camping Ending Sounds, Candy Corn Addition, Christmas Beginning Sounds, Color Clips, Colorful Clovers, Colorful Easter Eggs, Counting Butterflies, Counting Candy Hearts, Counting Clovers, Counting Dimes, Counting Fall, Counting Halloween, Counting May Flowers, Counting Nickels, Counting Quarters, Counting Sheep, Counting S'mores, Counting Stars, Counting Thanksgiving, Counting the Beach, Counting the Classroom, Desert or Jungle Animals, Does It Hatch, Easter Egg Letters, Farm Animals Ending Sounds, Forest Animals Ending Sounds, Frog Subtraction, Halloween Ending Sounds, Jungle/Farm/Forest, Leaf Color Clips, Monkeys and Bananas Count, Ocean or Land Clip, Ocean Themed Ending Sounds, Orange and Black Clips, Little Peepers Color Clips, Phonics Clothespin Task, Pumpkin Colors, Rainforest or Cold Climate Animal Clips, Reptile or Mammals Clips, Shapes Clothespin Task, Snowflake Letters, Subtracting Apples, Subtracting Pumpkins, Valentine Beginning Sounds, Adding Up Pumpkins II.

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